How I will cast a Brexit vote in Cali

I am a proud liberal who happens to be a cabbie.

The most interesting part of Brexit to this American with limited understanding of the social issues in the UK is the progressives were on the same side as the Goldman Sachs and Uber executives of the world.

Labor and the common man were once part of the progressive platform. Equality is for everyone even if we don’t agree on political, religious or social issues. You put an honest days work in, you deserve stable wages, fair treatment, medical benefits. You put an honest 30 years in, you deserve a retirement package. These rights were fought and died for because people died with nothing before they fought for these rights.

Uber, like the EU, like Goldman Sachs has erased the common working man from the progressive platform. “The drivers are only in it for a little extra cash, they’ll be replaced by robots anyways.” is Travis’ mantra being regurgitated by every politician and media outlet he can bribe.

Now we have Cali Democratic politicians like Jerry Brown, Evan Low and Ben Allen who are progressive in every social issue but support Uber and the race to the bottom of the taxi industry which results in the destruction of the government regulations that protect cabbies and uber drivers to provide the opportunity to provide a middle class living to our families.

When elections come around, the candidates who stand up for the rights of “gig” workers will have many voters on their side regardless of their stances on social issues while the so-called progressives will take us for us granted & fail to realize how many voters we come into contact with.

A November or two is not far off.