76. May The Force No Longer Be With Me

Anything That Needs To Be Forced Is Not In My Best Interest

I’ve come to a conclusion over these past few weeks. May the force no longer be with me, as anything that needs to be forced is not in my best interest. As I’ve gone through one of the most transitional periods of my life over these last 2 years, one rather unhealthy theme has shown itself again and again. That of impatiently forcing circumstances and decisions, when clarity and peace were absent.

Critical Information Often Changes Our Decisions

What is it that pushes us to make snap decisions in lieu of clarity and peace? Sometimes I often wonder if it’s not just making a decision, even if it’s the wrong one, just to be done with it and move on. Yet, I can’t begin to tell you the number of times I have made an untimely decision, only to find if I had waited just a bit longer, I would have had critical information that would have changed my decision significantly, if not all together. Ignoring my inner prompting to wait and making decisions when I do not have all the pertinent information is not wise, and typically results in consequences I end up paying a hefty price for. Even knowing that, impatience often wins.

Pain And Discomfort Often Fuels Forceful Decisions

I’ve caught myself, even in these last couple of weeks, vacillating significantly over a major life change. One moment my mind is made up, then the next, caution arises summoning me to hold off until more information is available. I believe my pain and discomfort often fuels those forceful decisions, as seeking relief will lead us places we might not consider otherwise. Yet, I know my intuition well enough to heed the warnings that create pause. The stubborn part of me wants to just push through and make whatever needs to happen take place. And yes, I could, for all practical purposes, push myself hard enough to make the necessary things happen. However, I’m beginning to realize we place insane amounts of unnecessary stress upon ourselves, forcing a hand that may never have been intended to play. What’s the hurry? If something is meant to be, will it not still be there 2 weeks, 2 months, or even 2 years later? Timing is everything and my experience has taught me that pushing the hand of time can be detrimental in so many cases. The most perfect of situations played out in the wrong timing can be quite devastating.

Make Decisions From A Place Of Informed Peace

I believe that I am far better making decisions from a place of informed peace, not haphazard forcefulness driven by discomfort. Let me be very clear, that does not mean putting off necessary decisions because of fear and allowing things to linger in an unhealthy, unsettled state because we cannot handle the thought of change. That is a completely different issue. This is specifically allowing the information and time to unfold in a way that clarity and peace follow the decision. That doesn’t mean there will be no fear. One can have great peace about a decision, knowing it’s the right choice, and yet be fearful of the unknowns involved with change. That’s simply life, and fear is something that does generally need to be pushed through, as it can stop us from making decisions we truly should engage.

Let Trust And Faith Rule

So where does that leave me? It leaves me in a place of trust and faith. Trust that the information needed will unfold in the correct time, as it always has when I am patient enough to wait. Also, faith that if it’s something important and necessary in my life and I happen to “miss the boat” this time around, it will surface again when the time is right. There is no amount of rushing and forcefulness worth the stress it causes, nor the joy of life that is choked from our existence when the pressure and repercussions of snap decisions bear down.

Take Your Next Step When You Can Do So In Peace

For today, I am keenly aware change is brewing. I am not only willing, but ready to make the changes necessary to bring my life into alignment with my calling and purpose. However, I am not in any hurry to force those changes to take place. Today I am patient and contented, as I wait for the remaining pieces of necessary information that will bring the clarity and peace that are currently missing. I don’t have to know the whole path, I only need to know my next step. That next step should be taken in peace though, not in a hurried and questionable fashion.

Love & Light,
 Laura Lum Corby

Originally published at The Soulful Sage.