81. Does Creativity Have To Come From Suffering?

I saw this post recently, and some very interesting responses to it on a friends wall. Does creativity have to come from suffering? I don’t believe it does. This is simply my perspective, but thought it was worth sharing. The link to the original article is below, for reference.

As an artist in many forms (music, writing, and more) I used to think all works were driven from struggle, pain, and suffering, as all of mine once were. As I’ve done more deep, internal soul work to address my core false beliefs and emotional issues (and believe me, that’s a continual process), I’m learning that pain and suffering can be drivers, but are not requirements for creativity. As matter of fact, I’m far more creative and passionate than I’ve ever been in my life, without coming from a place of strife. I found that mindset was an underlying narrative that was not rooted in truth, it had simply been my experience up to that point, but thankfully that has shifted!

Creativity can just as easily, and often more intensely, come with great joy, ease, and passion, if that’s the experience we choose to have and expect. Much of it is a choice regarding how we view things, and the lens through which we view our world, which is the determining factor here, along with our level of consciousness and frequency.

I take into great consideration the emotional space I’m inhabiting when I create anything, as there’s a correlating energy created with it that impacts the reader. What I want to pass on through my work is love, encouragement, grace, joy, and peace. If all my creation comes from pain, that’s the energy I’m putting forth and not what I want those experiencing my work to encounter. The pieces that have been written from painful experiences certainly address the difficulties, yet also resolve with hope and awareness there is light at the end of the often dark tunnel, and both a purpose and exit strategy for the difficulties experienced.

I was shocked to see how many truly believed suffering was a requirement for their creativity, as I once did. It makes for a very unnecessarily tumultuous life. It also solidifies and emblazons the depression and negativity we see rampant in our culture today. I encourage everyone to consider creativity in a different light! It not only transforms us, but everyone else our work touches!

Love & Light,
 Laura :)

Does Creativity Have To Come From Suffering?

Originally published at The Soulful Sage.

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