Demons & Mental Stability + Life after Mind Control

As one of the many parts of being a psychic that has resulted after trauma based demonic mind control, explaining to someone the effects of black magick + demonic programming, has got to be the hardest thing I have ever done.

Most psychics I know (the genuine ones) have come from a trauma based childhood. Whether sexual, physical or emotional. It may have been years of abandonment, neglect and abuse carcinogenicity, that leads psychic ability to be so powerful in those that have successfully survived trauma. Understanding MK ultra programming is key to understanding someone who has survived demonic possession and their harrowing experience of effects that sadly last a life time. Demonic possession is identical to being drugged and raped, but over and over again in your life, consciously and not knowing what the fuck is happening to you.

Demonic possession in real life terms is a cross between Delta, Beta, Marionette, Doll and Gamma — programming.

All those alters alone can and will be achieved by sending jinn to possess a person, either through food or having sex with an already possessed person. We are living in an age where millions of people are possessed and have no clue what is happening because that is the marionette (puppet) programming working to dismantle the core. Which is why I can deeply understand the origins of suicide, self-harm and mental instability and insanity.

When your core persona has been fractured, achieving stability feels like a pipe dream, you only see it in other people. If demonic possession has been the reason for your life being crippled and also lower level cases of poltergeists as well as veiled magick being cast on you, you cannot use “worldly elements” to achieve sanity and stability. You must go on the offense and fight as much as possible. First, after depossession and secondly, shortly after a deprogramme.

If you thought possession was bad enough, wait till you wake up from the coma it left you in. Suddenly your life is broken, cold and like the barren desert — exceptionally empty but at least you’re free. Depossession was painful enough as I thought my head was going to explode from the pressure of the spirits leaving me — then not to mention the deprogramme, where the Gamma altar of suicide comes up STRONGLY that I had to fight. That is the last laugh the demons leave you with.

“Cast us out — and we shall make sure you cast your own life out”

The trouble is, for all your life, you will have retrograde amnesia and I am talking just hours back — not like oh what — 3 years ago. With this gift of darkness however, your Kundalini can rise VERY FAST and lend you superhuman psychic ability that most people in their life can only dream of. I suppose it is the compensation for such inexplicable torture.

Most people do not get to tell this story in coherence and deep understanding, because like the fly, they often perish in the Spider’s web.

I will be documenting more about how it feels and what life looks like after dissociative trauma, demonic possession, “china doll” layers of binding magick and how I escaped all of this to live a happy, wealthy, healthy and successful life today :)

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