How to Use Profit Explosions and Quantum Leaps in Your Business

Business is all about growth. BUSYness. The only place where you cease to grow, is when God has decided He’d like to call you back to him ;)

So why is it so many people’s businesses are at a perpetual standstill? What really happens when people complain there is a “lack” of clients, a “lack” of sufficient cashflow and overall, generally a “lack”?

It is simply because they haven’t used a profit explosion to further their business. Most people are such in a rush to get their business moving off the ground that they do not take the time to do their market research and study WHAT the market wants and most importantly, why they want it. Most people get into business because really, employment failed for them.

Here is the deal.

Every profit explosion is a quantum leap. There comes a point where you realise safely and slowly plodding along (please leave this to people not wanting success), isn’t working. Throw out the old salsa, time to make the new enchilada! Every 3–4 months or so, sit down with your mentor and your accountant and ask them to devise up strategies on how to be able to increase your cashflow whilst minimising your expenses. You need to be having these difficult and prickly conversations (in the beginning, you get used to it), in order to progress.

Your cashflow chart should look like a steady heart rate monitor with a few peaks in it inbetween. Say in Q1, you made $200 K, by the mid half of Q2, you should have been able to make an extra $150K but be able to HOLD that extra profit explosion until Q3, where you doubled it into 700K. It’s the hold that is crucial. Most people’s cashflow charts keep dipping and slide back, which is why businesses suffer and have to resort to things like invoice financing which IS handy, but better to have your own capital to hand!

Make sure your profits are always exploding!

Your Favourite Spartanite,