Money Does Grow On Trees

You will have heard the saying (most likely by your parents)…

“Money doesn’t grow on trees”.

They lied because they didn’t know any better. Money DEFINITELY grows on trees, it’s just people aren’t interested or dedicated to plant Money Trees because the tree takes too long to go. In a sloppy digital and social media world, where consumerism has overrun most people’s minds, planting a tree won’t do well.

The question is, if you want to plant a money tree — where do the seedlings come from?

That answer is remarkably simple. Money trees come from wealth seedlings. And the seedlings are the dollars in your pocket.

Most people do not really understand what it takes to become wealthy. All they know is to squander and spend, then complain they have nothing left. They have no control over their money and hence their money controls THEM. When your money starts to control you, you have more than just a problem on your hands.

You have a nightmare.

You’re up in sweats thinking how you’re going to make ends meet, you cannot pay things on time and you feel like you’ve lost your shit. The first thing you do and even before you plant the wealth seedlings is get your money thoughts under control.

They alone, are the root cause that either determines Poverty or Wealth.

The choice is yours.

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