Not Enabling Victimhood & Aftermath

Medium always asks me “Tell me your story” — and all the servers in the world, wouldn’t be able to cover it, so that’s my story.

Anyways. Not enabling victimhood, is coming from a place of experiencing victimhood. As much as I could have launched Spartanite years back, I held off with the innate psychic knowing of presenting an unfinished version of self that wouldn’t have been very wise to do so. And because I did this, I truly had the chance to work on myself before I unleashed my brand of Hell onto the world :D

Victimhood is when we get people to feel sorry for us, because we want attention but in the needy way. I believe every one of us has the neediness inside of us, but it all depends how we balance it out and deal with it. If no one has ever shown us the right way, we keep saying people are bad to us, without seeing what part we had to play inside it. Don’t get me wrong, I am NOT advocating that if a woman gets rape, it’s somehow “her fault”. No one woman deserves such sickness in the world and yet in the mind of the rapist, rape is alright to commit.

Anyways, I digress. The point is we cannot be held responsible for what happened to us as children, but we can be held responsible for how we choose to respond as adults. I know many of us have never had the proper parental and familial role models and this is the reason, children are born by the minute and then grow up even more fucked up. Their parents are unconscious and they shall grow up to be so, unless they break the habit and the dysfunctional cycle. It is often hard to understand for a victim how they are playing a victim, because a victim is all they know.

They protest nothing ever goes their way, and really, they don’t want it to go their way — because there wouldn’t be anything to complain about any longer. Victims LOVE complaining. It fills up their otherwise bland, dull and boring life in which they would have to take FULL account of everything occurring in their life.

Powerful people are so because they didn’t ask for approval. One day, they got fed up of being the victim and went on a long inward journey to manifest the robustness on the outside.

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