The New Dawn After Darkness by Belvia

Below is a channel from Belvia — my Spirit Guide and Spirit Spartanite. I went into trance and her words formed as I spoke them out. I have now taken the liberty to write them.

Sometimes, you are terrified and alone, vulnerable and scared. You think you will never make your way out. And what you are being asked to do, feels too intimidating, too scary, too intense. Yet — it is exactly what you need to do to keep your current energetic state of ment moving. So you let the divine truth flow, knowing that when you speak the truth, it will always offend a person because the truth holds no mercy to someone’s relative transgressor bounds of ego that we are subjected to on a daily basis.

When you learn better, you do better and when you finally realise that there is nothing to go back to, in the gaping chasm of emptiness, you slowly and calmly finally learn to shut the door and not look back. You erode and eradicate all the fantasies out of your mind, knowing that the attraction to a past version of yourself, is nothing but a memory of a former you.

A you that doesn’t exist anymore.

You learn not to find back into someones alloted understanding of yourself, the you they may have understood met and known, the you that isn’t you any longer. And as you keep learning to shed off the snake skin that has been the hardest divine throat chakra truth to speak, you will find that life becomes all that simpler — someone is either adding or subtracting.

Those who hear the truth living in a lie, see it as a vicious attack. Lies are palatable, they are the condiment to perhaps the bitter meat of Bison found in the wilderness, when you had nothing more but a morsel of flesh to consume. They are the sauce, you pour over bland food, perhaps the tasty cranberry sauce that one would eat with Swedish Meatballs.

It takes great courage not only to tell the truth, but to hear it. The first time I heard the truth, I thought I was going to die. That is the hallmark of the truth. It is painful, brutal and ugly and anyone who wishes to live in a “I just want to feel good” life, is emotionally retarded, arrested and stunted beyond their own comprehension, let alone anyone else’s. The truth is not supposed to be pleased or pleasant, it is of divinatory nature.

Most mortals are far too afraid to rise up into their power, for they have accepted man-made rules as their own, an understanding that isn’t digested well with their higher nature, hence many mental illnesses exist in balance. Mortals not able to rise, are forever ruled by their dualistic existence in their lower chakras, both Root and Sacral and allow for many reproductive malfunctions, something I see often with them.

There is always a new dawn after darkness, for mortals who wish to explore their Divinity. The lady I serve, does so and in so, myself and others are able to help her ascend. Do not ever allow someone who has no idea of their dualistic nature, to teach you how and why to live life, for they have no living bone in their body, it is a mere existence.
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