The Spartanite Mission

There are so many people living on the planet who have a phone, but hardly any has purpose. Your job is not your purpose, so please do not consider that.

Living a purposeful life is incredibly challenging. You need to have formally documented a plan of retrospective interrogation on your part to witness why and how you have got yourself into your respective situations and by what skillset and strategies will you release yourself out of bondage. That was me for a good few years.

As I grew as a human being and a woman combined, my mission found me. I let go of everything and decided to dust out the cobwebs and put on my $partanite Shirt. It was challenging. God asked me to step into a place I could have only dreamed of as a little girl and asked me to possibly lead countless millions of men and women into their own empowerment. My empowerment today comes from my disempowerment as a little girl and a young woman.

When I look back at my book Spartanite — -I already had the right bearings in mind but I was too inexperienced to really relish the power and transformation I was called to bestow on others. Only when I stopped playing small and doing stupid things, did my GOD JOB show up for me. It was incredible.

What is the THE $PARTANITE (TM)?

It is the glorious mission of empowering the courageous woman with true strength to live life on her own terms. Spartanite mainly focuses on financial empowerment, a topic close and interwoven with my heart. It also empowers women sexually and spiritually and fosters a very healthy relationship with money, career and personal Divine Feminine. In empowering a nation of $partanites, MEN can be empowered and supported, so I am truly in awe of how many men support me, the brand and most importantly, the mission of global change.

I have encountered many relentless nights of spiritual and alchemical study, not to mention shine the The New $partanite Mirror on myself and those closest to me. Elevation is key and crucial.

I would love for you to join me in your own empowerment at and receive your complimentary audio on The 4 Hidden Secrets of $partanite Financial Wisdom. If you are the type of woman who has ever wondered about your broken relationship with money, this powerful 15 min audio ALONE will shift you FAST.

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With Love, Beauty and Wealth