The Wise Woman Relation To The Divine Masculine

Men who are removed from their source, their being, often operate in lawless, immoral and disloyal ways as they are rewarded by wo(man) — wombman in also a lawless, immoral and disloyal way. Wise Women know that under the ring of fire, they have but only two choices in the fork of the crossroads of life.

Be of service to a man wishing to find his way and also retain the company of men who have attained wisdom of the High Priest, a man who is an equal in the eyes of servitude of God and all His components we are blessed with. Men who walk in the Divine Masculine seek to understand the many inherent God Designed Laws and will fight to the back of their teeth to defend themselves against any man-designed laws, hence knowledge of the occult, esoterica and forbidden knowledge is so very necessary.

Wise Women inspire a man with the seed he was birthed with, to rise into his Priesthood power, thus enabling and honouring the Divine Feminine in her own place. When a woman who truly walks in her Feminine element, refuses to tolerate anything that isn’t of Divinity, she will suddenly find her mind, mind’s eye and eyes not to mention heart — -Earth, at ease.

Heart and Earth, are the same thing. Terra, of the land — of the Earth. Seek to understand assisting all Divine Masculine men you may come across, for their cross to bear in this man-made prison, is far greater than ours. We, but have one fight to fight — do not let Feminism fool you thinking it is multiplied, yet Divine Masculine Counterpart, has two. The fight of man-made entrenched masculinity and the fight of Divine Masculinity — in plain terms, the lesser versus the higher nature, and which ever beast he feeds, wins.