Understanding Compassion Through Spirit Based Healing

I often use Medium sparingly, and more for musings as how to best express Self, rather than sharing a message and a social construct, sharing my own vantage points on my own life.

Most people in modern society are dealing with mental afflictions. Mental issues, I am no less or different. Years ago, being diagnosed with Complex Trauma (CPTSD), my life changed in ways I would have never expected it to. If it wasn’t for professional, shamanic and spirit based help, who knows — -perhaps I wouldn’t even be here. It changed my outlook on life, people, things, events, situations, rudiments, circumstances — -everything.

When I get around people who have been the survivors of trauma, I often go easy. As part of my healing, as I learned to critically assess myself, I also learned to remove judgement from others and through compassion even look at Predatory individuals, as severely tormented, be it from trauma OR spirit possession, that require severe help. As dealing with people’s psyches all day long, I have come to understand that we are all on different frequencies and consciousness’, based on our surrounding environments, efforts, people and thought forms and processes, which if done correctly, can be amended to our benefit.

I feel so many people locked into a dimension where they suffer greatly and through unconscious shame, perpetuate more of it onto others, thus continnum of the vicious cycle that it takes those of us, who are conscious to actually break. No where is this more evident than actually, in low frequency areas which will always have poverty as their base to it.

I am going to continue to document my findings on Astral/Psychic/Spirit based healing, because many of us desperately need this in order to survive in a Survival based world of today.

I wish peace on you.

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