What Is The Best Form of Marketing?

People constantly ask me the best way to market. And time and time again, I keep asking people the same question — and the answers are met in silence.

How are you changing people’s lives?

What are you doing to transform someone’s thinking?

How is YOUR product or service BETTER than your competition?

Crickets. Nothing. No comment.

The best form of marketing, is VALUABLE — LIFE CHANGING CONTENT that rapidly alleviates a person’s concern of being stuck for choice. Remember, most people in the world, struggle to make decisions so they are looking for YOU to make it FOR them.

When you are seen and viewed as the CLEAR leader in your field, people come to you themselves. They are enamored by your lasting power, your dominance, your impact and will see you as the solution to their problems. You need to laser target people who WANT your services and products and then keep showing them why YOU ARE THE BEST at solving THEIR problem.

Price is never ever an issue for ANYONE.

They just weren’t sold on your product, because YOU aren’t sold on it.

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