Why Money Requires Mega Focus

Over the past few days speaking to one of my old time friends, (we used to walk to school together), we discussed how we have nearly known each other for 15+ years and how in that time, our lives have changed for the better. The one thing him and I made a promise, was to always gift all the knowledge we had to the other to advance our businesses.

We were chatting the other day at 2 am, after he had finished some work and he told me how he had never realised what an invisible prison employment is. Back in the day he said, I had said something to him and he laughed and said he thought I was crazy at the time but a year making money on his own made him realise all the hours he put into employment, he could have done it for himself.

He does now and thats how we got into this whole “mega focus” thing. He asked me how I managed to gain wealth back after I crashed hard after my first business failed. I told him that I never stopped focusing, even on my hardest and lowest days, I never cried to give up, I cried to keep going. I told him that for a woman, the fact I had a lot of masculine drive to just get shit done and not live in a feminine brain of thoughts, ideas and frankly confusion, is the reason I could generate fast money back….

….And it made me think how women throw away clients, sales because they have no masculine framework, cannot stick to any rules and guidelines and go off and do their own thing. Women struggle much more with money than a man because women want to reinvent the wheel.

Show a man a formula, he will get on with it. Show a woman a formula, she wants to think 10,000 times on the idea, sit with her brain and get more fucking confused. For any woman reading this, GET CRYSTAL CLEAR ON WHAT IT IS YOU WANT AND THEN DECIDE ON THE PRICE YOU WISH TO PAY FOR IT.

Money requires focus because it is a full time dedication. And most people do not have the push for that dedication but they have the dedication to laziness, stupidity and aimlessness.

Think on that.