Meetup in Vancouver Post-CVPR 2023: A Candid Retrospective

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4 min readJun 30, 2023


You may recall from our previous communications that our research team was honored as one of the twelve “Award Candidates” at the IEEE/CVF Conference on Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition 2023 (CVPR2023). This recognition was for our invention of a new class of deep neural networks — a continuous or analog formulation of DNNs that we call Integral Neural Networks (INNs).

CVPR is a major event in the AI world. As award candidates, we were granted the opportunity to present our work live at the conference, held this year in Vancouver, BC. This provided a robust platform to share our research with an audience of academics, scholars, researchers, industry and business leaders, and of course, devoted AI enthusiasts.

Our poster session was abuzz with activity, arguably the most crowded of all participants (think parental pride and you’ll catch our drift 🤭). The INNs poster, displayed on both sides of our stand, attracted quite a swarm of curious minds, keeping us engaged for almost 3 hours, far beyond the scheduled 1.5 hours!

Our research paper at the CVPR23 poster session

Seizing this serendipity, we decided to organize a meetup after the conference on a Friday night. Our invite list comprised individuals interested in AI whom we had met at the conference, as well as other contacts from Canada.

We selected a stunning venue — spacious, with breathtaking views, a comfortable socializing area, and a well-equipped conference room. It proved to be the perfect place to host a noteworthy crowd of influential investors, fervent AI researchers, and enthusiastic AI advocates. To enhance the ambiance and facilitate networking, we served sushi and sake throughout the event.

The discussions primarily revolved around the revolutionary potential of Integral Neural Networks to significantly optimize and reduce AI models without compromising quality. This reduces latency, increases privacy, and facilitates more real-time applications. As IoT devices continue to proliferate, the demand for AI models that can operate directly on these devices, instead of relying on cloud servers, is on the rise.

Following the in-depth presentation on INNs, the conversation shifted to the unique capabilities of’s platform. We explored the promise it holds for AI researchers and engineers, offering affordable compute resources and comprehensive tools for the training, optimization, and deployment of AI models. Among these tools are INNs, quantization, and other state-of-the-art technologies that not only simplify the creation of sophisticated AI but also ensure smooth model deployment.

In line with our commitment to community development, we plan to open-source most of our tools. The INN’s code, in particular, will soon be made public — a move that’s been highly anticipated. Scholars from prestigious institutions such as Imperial College London, Sichuan University, Nanjing University of Posts and Telecommunications, University of Siegen, Singhua University, and others have already reached out requesting access to our code.

The recognition at CVPR 2023, the success of our subsequent meetup, and the continued interest and support from the community have all motivated us to remain committed to developing cutting-edge software for AI developers. These developers, equipped with the right tools, have the potential to drive significant changes across all aspects of human civilization.

Check out the full gallery of diverse meetup participants, spectacular Vancouver views, and some food porn here: 📸

Thank you for your ongoing support. We’re excited about the journey ahead and look forward to sharing more content (and code) with you
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