Can Apple Get Through a Keynote Without Bashing its Competition?

I wager, it cannot.

I really don’t get it. Apple is creating some incredible pieces of technology. Even if it is not the first in a space, it tends to refine new innovations and seamlessly integrate it into its hardware / software combo (see Night Shift, which F.lux popularized). Its achievements with HealthKit are literally life-changing! These products can stand on their own! I don’t know the numbers on what percentage of its customers are pure Apple users. I believe that a fair amount of people own other company’s gadgets too. Some of Apple’s comments just serve to put off people, who, like myself, fall into this mixed user category.

I have my own custom-built gaming PC. I own an iPhone 6+ as well as an iPad mini 2. I also have a PS3 which I use to watch Netflix on my TV. I enjoy all these products and I don’t need them all to come from Apple. Comparing their newest iPad model to an Xbox 360 (which came out 11 years ago) does nothing for me (except makes me laugh). Even if Apple compared its products to current-gen game consoles, the form factor is just different. I love playing Hearthstone on my iPhone, iPad and desktop. But when I want to play, say, Path of Exile, an action RPG, I’m going to use my computer because of the screen size, the graphical capability (not that this game is graphically demanding) and the input method (keyboard and mouse). An iPad Pro or iPhone will never be the right choice for this. Apple does not seem to understand that.

Most people already know that Apple’s iOS adoption rate is way better than Android’s. Instead Apple’s jab today about OS adoption rate, I think a more professional approach would be better: “Our iOS 9.2 adoption rate is at x% and that makes us ecstatic. The next closest competitor is at y%”. Applce can present facts and make themselves look good without smearing others.

I believe these tech demos, which, on the whole I enjoy, could stand on their own. I don’t need Windows / PC / last-gen console / Android bashing.

It was a pleasant surprise when Microsoft came on stage to show off some productivity apps at Apple’s previous keynote. I thought it finally buried the hatchet and moved on. I guess I was wrong.

Are you a fan of Apple? Do you exclusively purchase Apple products? Do you exclusively purchase non-Apple products? Leave your comment below.

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