First Post

Welcome to my blog! However you came across it, you’re here now, reading this post. I want to set down in this first post what I want this ‘Blog’ to be about.

First things first, I would like to state that I often smoke marijuana, both as a tool to help me write and as a tool to enjoy my time with my friends, and this will probably become very evident, if it wasn’t already from the name I have set on this website.

Secondly, I want anyone reading this knowing that there is a real possibility of me completely forgetting about writing this first post and never posting on here again. If this happens, I apologize, and if you know me personally, I encourage you to remind me to get on my website, preferably nicely.

Thirdly, I want my main thing to be me listening to playlists of music while under the influence of cannabis and writing my reactions and thoughts as I listen to them. At first I will just use playlists on my phone or Spotify, but I am open to having playlists sent to me for me to share my thoughts on.

Lastly, please stick with me through this project. All feedback is welcome towards me, negative and positive, but please be polite to those in the comment section (if this site has that).

Thanks a lot for reading this