Music Reactions #1

Alright, this is going to be me listening to music of a playlist and writing down my thoughts/reactions to them. This will be done under the influence of marijuana. For the first of these, I will be listening to music off of “The List” on my computer, set on shuffle. “The List” is a list of songs my friend J and I listen to when we get high, but not as often now a days since we have Spotify. The computer version has some songs that aren’t on the version on my phone, and vice versa. Whelp, here goes nothing.

So first up is Ride by Twenty One Pilots. Man I’m really high right now. I’m having trouble paying attention to the song. This song is really bassy, and I’m loving it. It also has a relaxed feeling to it. I’m not sure what the message/story of this song is, but I’m sure it’s super cool. I like the effect of the singer going “OoOoOoOo”. Oh, now it’s a higher pitched voice! Now it’s a harmony! Man this song is really good. My friend K really loves Twenty One Pilots. I think they are a very good band. This song is really trippy, but I bet I say that about all the songs I write about. I’ve been thinking too much about me xD. Next song.

Smoke On The Water by Deep Purple. What a classic stand tune! I play trombone (and bass trombone), so I really appreciate some good stand tunes. J and I have always wanted to go out onto a lake and play this song. I really don’t know much about Deep Purple, but they clearly know what they are doing with music. This song brings back some good memories of band. Poor gamblin’ halls. I don’t usually type like this, this is really just practice for me to get better at writing, as well as a way to pass time and enjoy myself. Man, this song is great. I love the guitar ❤. Next song.

I am listening to Track 1 off of the Mario Galaxy CD that came with my Wii. This song is by the Mario Galaxy Orchestra, who I absolutely adore! This game has some very cool effects with sound that I have no idea how they did them. Next Song.

Mrs. Robinson by Simon & Garfunkel. What a good song. I love Simon and Garfunkel. This song practically starts off with it’s chorus, which is interesting, but not a bad choice. I very much enjoy their voices. I don’t know if there is a deeper meaning to this song, as I have been listening to this song for as long as I can remember. J also really likes Simon & Garfunkel. Coo Coo KaChoo Mrs. Robinson. That’s funny. It is currently 12:41 AM at the time of writing this, on March 16, 2017. RIP Joe DiMaggio. Sorry if these aren’t very interesting. Next Song

Boombastic by Shaggy. This will probably be the last song I write about for now, I might write more after I take a smoke break. Mr. Ro Smooth. Shaggy has an amazing voice and a lot of talent. His music is very relaxed. Touch me on the butt. This song is making me tired. I really like the beat in this song. I’m like typing to the beat. I hope you really are enjoying reading this blog. I apologize for anything that is not done well. I’m boombastic. I bet you can tell I’m high right now. Silicon bongs are cool. I think this song is almost over. Ora Ora God? ORA ORA ORA ORA! I love JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure. Yep, this song is over.

Thank you very much for reading this. I hope it made you laugh at least.


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