15 Reasons Why You Must Visit Siargao Island

Located in Surigao del Norte is a hideaway paradise called Siargao. It is the “Surfing Capital” of the Philippines. Also known as “Sportsfishing Capital” of the Philippines (Pilar). Siargao Island has a lot more to offer aside from it is well-known for gigantic waves. 15 reasons why you MUST visit Siargao island and you will know and understand why I fell in love with this beautiful island.

1. Surfing all year round, but the biggest and best waves kick off in September- March

2. You will be fascinated with the breathtaking sunset

3. Worth to wake up early for the colorful sunrise

4. Fall in love in Cloud 9

5. Genuine and friendly locals

One of the reasons why I am always looking forward to go back to the island is because of these cute little kiddos!
Badjao Kids
With the best surfer in the Philippines, Piso Alcala!

6. Cheap accommodation while in paradise

7. Learn to surf with the best surfing instructors (no other than the locals)

8. Experience to ride habal-habal and baruto

9. Incredible natural rock formations

Magpupungko Tidal Flat & Lagoon , located in Pilar, Surigao del Norte
Stympy’s Island
Rock Island
Blue Cathedral Island
Ocean Cave located in Philippine Deep, Santa Fe

10. Embracing nature…coconut trees everywhere!

Santa Fe
Philippine Deep, Santa Fe

11. Experience the Siargaonon vibes

12. Blue sky. White sand beaches. Clear blue water. There’s nothing more you could ask for!

Catangnan, Surigao del Norte
Fall in love in Naked Island. They also called it “Pansukian”.
Mineral water. lol

13. Island hopping

Heading to Stympy’s, Rock and Blue Cathedral Islands
Guyam Island
Naked Island

14. Live the island life. Just laid back and so peaceful.

15. Boodle fight is more fun in Siargao! How they make it taste so good, I have no idea.

Fresh seafood everyday!

On the second thought, don’t come here! You will just fall deeply in love of the place. You will gonna miss the great experience and the locals. You will always dream of going back to the paradise. You will somewhat consider to live there for good. You will never find great waves like in Siargao! But on the third thought (I change my mind), please reconsider though! Book your flight, no more second thought, no need for itinerary, JUST GO! Be stoke and get barrel.

How To Get There

Air- There are flights directly to Siargao from Manila to Sayak. But it’s quite expensive and it’s very seldom you can get a promo flight! Manila to Butuan flights are advisable. You can book also from Manila to Cebu and Cebu to Surigao or Sayak. Also, there are flights from Manila to Surigao City .

Sea- 2Go Travel is your best choice.

Land- There are bus trips of Philtranco heading to Surigao from Pasay or Cubao. It will take you almost 2 days on the road including the ferry rides. And another 4 hours going to Siargao island from Surigao port by RORO or you can ride of what they called “di katig”.

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Originally published at paradiseofstrangers.wordpress.com on September 15, 2015.

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