Trying out Android as an IOS user

I’ve now been trying out Android for a week now on a Galaxy S6 EDGE and here’s my observations on my experience. My old phone is an iPhone6

  • The galaxy fingerprint sensor is balls compared to the iPhone6. It hardly ever recognises my fingerprints.
  • The screen is bloody lovely. The curved edges and OLED display really make things pop out and look fantastic.
  • The keyboard / screen seems to be configured in a slightly different way than iPhones. I’m not quite sure what it is, but it’s enough to make it feel *different*. I’m mistyping a lot, and sometimes I swipe and it doesn’t get it, as maybe I’ve not swiped enough of something? I expect this is something to get accustomed to?
  • Home screen / launching. This is confusing to me. There’s like 4 different sets of apps. There’s the apps that are actually on my phone, there’s the launcher at the bottom, there’s a bunch of home screens and there’s this edge drawer thing that pops out from the side. I’m used to having 2, my apps and a launcher at the bottom. I’ve not even figured out how to move an app onto these home screens yet. I don’t really want to have to place the app every time I install something. Weirdly, some apps seem to appear on the home screen and some don’t. Magic. On the iPhone, I just install an app, and there’s only 1 place it appears and every time I look for an app on the home screen confused why it’s not there. Is this done because there’s so much weird crap installed on the phone by Samsung in the first place? Why do I need 5 links to open the play store in different places?
  • Phone quality is vastly superior on the galaxy, which makes me think there’s something wrong with my iPhone. Much quieter and worse reception.
  • Google bar (whatever you call it). I like the fact that it seems to recommend interesting articles based on what I searched previously. Mainly though I want to use this as a quick launch bar to quickly find apps. So when I type “Uber”, I want the app result at the top, I don’t want to google for Uber. I suspect google want me to search for this?
  • The camera is much nicer. Or it may be the screen, not compared photos on a computer yet!
  • iMessage. I did not realise how good iMessage was until I didn’t have it. The fact that MMS still exist as a thing that networks charge for is completely alien to me! So the solution is to use Whatsapp, but you’re then reliant on people having it. Apple’s solution of having a modern messaging platform built in is a very good one. Having it appear on my computer is also really useful. Yes, I can use Airdroid (Jesus, who did the visual design on that thing, it looks awful), but I need to connect via my phone. Same for the Whatsapp desktop client. To be honest, this issue alone might move me back to IOS, especially as it’s an easy way for my daughter to communicate with me as she doesn’t really get the subtleties between different communication platforms.
  • Battery. Pretty bad, the screen seems to eat energy like monkeys and bananas. I was impressed at the detail of power saving mode though, where you can turn a variety of things off and it tells you how much standby time you get. It confused me lots though as completely changed the interface and made it even harder for me to find my apps.

Verdict after 1 week:

I miss my iPhone and I’ve not got accustomed to the interface as quick as I thought I would. I keep on pressing the wrong buttons to go back, and as they are different in lots of apps, the learning curve is quite large. I’m going to continue with the experiment though.

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