The Politics of Not Shaving in This Patriarchal Dystopia
Sarah Kasbeer

“The Politics of Not Shaving in This Patriarchal Dystopia”

Is this satire? Because it sounds like something from the onion before it was pozzed… Girl, get a grip. Youre a shame to your grandmothers. Do you think other human beings want to be with such a crybaby? Your whole worldvied… everything about you… is viewing you as a victim, and it’s only enabled because your whole environment is supporting it! You think you live in patriarchial society… What a joke. WE, both women and men are just pawns for people so unfathomably rich that were the EXACT ones that supported the feminist movement… Why did they do that? Because they don’t care about the common man and woman, they don’t care about happiness and peace: They simply want more worker-drones to work FOR THEM. That’s it. You and your ilk are basically a tool for these ruling families that simply want more workers and a lot of infighting to take the focus away from THEM.