A Mars Odyssey

Who goes to Mars?

I think before I start, I’d like you to think if you’ll agree to go to Mars if offered the chance.

Would you?

Well, the thing is actually “CAN YOU?”

What qualifies a person as a suitable candidate to travel to Mars?

Obviously, everyone is not going. There is not enough room and resources to get us all there.

So, at this point, two questions stand out:

What qualifies one to go, and if everyone could go, should everyone be allowed to go?

What qualifies one to go to Mars?

Undoubtedly, this venture will most likely be successfully executed by a corporate entity and not a government. With this comes the reality that a lot of the information regarding this project will be unavailable. The criteria for selecting candidates are most likely not going to be publicly known, at least not in full, as it will almost certainly stir up all kinds of emotions and be a source of great debate.

The selection of candidates is going to be a clear reflection of the project’s objective.

Are they launching a mission to colonize Mars in order to create a better human society?

Are they launching a mission to Mars to establish a base where some elite can run to in the event of a doomsday event on Earth?

Are they simply creating a business outpost, say a mining outpost?

Or do they have some discreet objective?

The objective determines the requirements for the candidates.

However, if the mission is to create a better human society, then we are looking at a number of considerations.

Factors such as health, skills, age, marital status, criminal history, gender, language, and nationality will likely top the list.

Do you see what is going on? You already have one or two objections to the abovementioned criteria.

You are probably wondering what nationality has got to do with it, or gender, or even marital status.

Well, these can be considered important as they can impact the objectives of this mission. Having a good representation of most countries is good. However, does the corporation running the project want nationalistic sentiments in the Mars colony or would they prefer homogeneity?

Part of creating a new colony is procreation. Marital status and gender are important factors when considering this. In addition, a married person who is selected to go may have trouble adjusting to the new colony because of the family they left behind.

Other criteria that may be considered include: religion; genetic traits; personality; political and ideological inclinations; physical and intellectual qualities; and sexual orientation.

Most of these criteria are downright necessary, while others are subjective and left to the discretion of the corporation. However, each of them has the capacity to impact the success of the mission greatly.

Starting afresh and avoiding most problems on Earth is a top priority of such a Mars settlement. Things such as religion are a source of great contention, division, and even pain here on Earth. Politics is also not exempt as a source of problems on this planet.

It goes without saying that this corporation has its work cut out for it in making this colony work. They will be faced with the daunting task of drawing the line between freedom and control in the new colony whilst maintaining peace and stability.

However, what is clear is that everyone is not going. Everyone can not go, but what if we all could? Should that happen?

If everyone could go to Mars, should everyone be allowed to go?

A hot question

What do you think? Should we all go?

If ‘no’, do you consider yourself among those that should go or those that should stay back?

Haha… well, firstly, not everyone will be interested in going. Even if doomsday was at hand, not everyone would still be interested in leaving for a new planet. Yea, some of us will choose to keep the Earth company in its last moments, hahaha…

I don’t suppose this question is one that should be answered sentimentally, nor is it a matter of morality.

It’s a question that requires an objective answer. Common sense suggests that taking everyone along, were it possible, to a new colony on Mars, where humanity hopes to start over and do things better, is a bad idea.

You can’t start over and do things better if you simply import everyone, among which are the causes of the existing problems.

Additionally, taking everyone naturally recreates some of the fundamental issues that Earth already faces, such as resource access.

You can’t make new clothes from old materials. This is the essence of the screening process: to take the best-suited among us to create something new without repeating the old mistakes.

This is not without challenges, and we’ll be delving into the circumstances and implications for governance, religion, freedom, and daily life for such an endeavor.



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