A Happy Day of Forbidden Love

Happy time…no matter how short it is!

She was slogging through the day when her mood was brightened by his message. She was shedding tears for far too long, but that doesn’t matter now.

He was here. Back from Florence. Back with gifts and maybe renewed love too!

She was going through the list of jobs that appeared for the keywords she inserted but were not what she was looking for. She was doomed to keep looking and not find one. This was when the short beep announced a message, and her intuition told her that it’s him.

And she was right.

The message said- “Be ready. Pickup at 12.00 noon, just you and me”. Suddenly she felt a surge in her body and a need to sprint and get ready; it was already 11.15 AM. He could be here, any moment. Choosing a white short dress gifted by him, she headed to the scantily filled make-up drawer. Here lips so full felt rarely good with bold colors and so she picked mildly glossy pink. She was ‘all pinkish’ without any color though!

He was here before time, as usual.

He was still on the footpath of Florence as far as his mind was concerned. The serenity he experienced there was nothing to be compared with anything he knew. But something was missing. That ‘something’ could be her who was coming towards him clad in the short (but not too short) white dress and one her face was written hope and trust in the color of her blush.

Could he borrow some of that from her? Could it be ‘love’ that has only caused problems in his life? He had two unhappy marriages to reflect on, a greedy couple as parents to feed and an uncaring society to answer to which he cares a damn. But all this is not for now.

The day looked good ahead. He can for once keep the nagging “forbidden” back of his mind and focus on “love” she had in abundance to offer!

At least, for now!

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