Let me be black and ‘bout it!

Let me make it known, once more, that I am for the advancement of the human race. However, that will not stop me from having pride in my community and my culture, which is the “Black” community.

Time and time again I’ve explained that I did not really understand race relations until I dated someone of a different race. I didn’t understand until the end because I was told that my “blackness” was a compromise for them. I still couldn’t really fathom it until I was arrested this past January for a crime I did not commit. It wasn’t until I started to feel the heat of my “blackness” surrounding me at all moments. Now, I fully understand the micro and macro aggressions that come with being “black”. With being a “black” woman.

Again, everyone is complaining about the language I’m using when I say “Black Excellence” or “Black Power”. Am I at fault for that? Is it so wrong for me to feel pride in the aspect of myself that I was told I should hate and renounce? If you really know me, is it not inherently known that I am for the advancement of humanity? Why chastise me for the language I used when I was the one who didn’t create it?

Why persecute me for finding the glory within my “blackness”? Why persecute me for using it to uplift a community that (sorry for repeating this incessantly) has been degraded, tortured, maimed, ripped apart, emotionally, physically, and proximally abused and disturbed? What is so wrong with me saying “Black Advancement” or “Black Achievement”?

I really do not understand why people are directing this sort of statements my way. My experience as a “black” woman cannot be denied. It’s not because I live in “Black” America, but I live in a world where “White” reigns supreme and I’m boldly sick of it.

So please. Help me understand. I’m listening to everyone’s “plea”, but I’m having a hard time finding the “plea” because all I’m comprehending is “Silence! You’re being too ‘black’’.” That’s what your words are telling me…



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