White Helmets respond to the murder of their colleagues

Yesterday seven White Helmet volunteers were executed while on night duty at their centre in Sarmin, Idlib. The identities of the attackers remains unknown.

Today White Helmets took to the streets across Syria to promise that nothing will stop them saving lives.

“The civil defence are used to saving civilian lives, but their lives couldn’t be saved today”
“The martyrs of Sarmin are humanitarian martyrs. Stop killing our heroes”
“Stop killing heroes. Ziad Qadhanoun, Mohammad Shabib, Mohammad Dib al Har, Abdulrazzak Hajj Khalil, Obaida al Radwan, Bassel Kassas, Hamza Kroma. Martyrs of the white helmet”

“It is hard to find to words to describe my martyred colleagues; each of them leaves stories of hope behind in lives they’ve saved and injured they’ve rescued. I feel very proud of their humanitarian actions and the legacy they leave. We promise the Syrian people this crime will not deter us from serving them and alleviating their suffering.”

Raed al Saleh, head of the White Helmets

“We are the White Helmets. Let us do our work in peace”
“No matter how much death we face, our motto will always be: To save a life is to save all of humanity”
“We pay in red blood for our white helmets”

The White Helmets have been systematically targeted for saving lives with 200 volunteers in the line of duty making it the most dangerous job in the world. The majority of fatalities have come from “double-tap” strikes where the warplanes return to the same scene to bomb those that have gathered for the rescue efforts.

“Whatever you do, peace will not die. The White Helmets will continue despite your crimes”
“Your white helmets light the dark tunnels of humanity”
“A crime against humanity. Save the White Helmets”

Support these heroes at https://www.whitehelmets.org/en

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