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“…the libertarian ideology dictates that employers should be able to control whether or not their employees’ insurance polices cover contraceptive healthcare.”

This is a pretty bizarre statement to me. There are several buried premises in this statement I think most self-respecting libertarians would dispute. Rather, they would probably argue:

  1. Employers shouldn’t be in the business of picking health insurances at all
  2. Health insurances should be free to offer as much or as little coverage as they want
  3. People are free to opt for as much or as little coverage as they want.

In this system, anyone could opt for insurance that covers contraceptives, and maybe that would become the norm — but I doubt it (see below). Rather, I think the idea of having insurance pay for a planned, recurring expense like contraceptives is a more than a little wacky.

In any event, I’m pretty confident the libertarian ideology would dictate something like “buy your own damn contraceptives.”