A New Way To Fight AIDS: The Method That Could Be A Game Changer

Circ MedTech is a 2015 Tech Awards laureate in the Sutter Health category. It will be honored with the other laureates at The Tech Awards gala in November.

The problem: How to reduce HIV infection rates
The solution: a non-surgical circumcision device used in 12 countries across sub-Saharan Africa
Region of impact: Global

Following is a Q&A with Adi Kadussi, Marketing & Communications Manager of PrePex made by Circ MedTech. It has been edited for length and clarity.

What is your mission?

Circ MedTech’s mission is to improve and advance the circumcision experience for the patient and the entire related ecosystem, with a focus on supporting the global efforts to achieve an AIDS-free generation, through the rollout of voluntary medical male circumcision targeting sub-Saharan Africa. As a result, we developed PrePex— the first non-surgical adult male circumcision device.

How did you first decide to tackle the problem?

In 2007, the World Health Organization and UNAIDS cited that voluntary medical male circumcision can reduce the risk of HIV infection by approximately 60% in high-risk areas such as sub-Saharan Africa.

Global health stakeholders launched an accelerated action plan to reach 20 million men for these procedures, in 14 priority countries, by 2015. It was estimated that achieving this goal will save almost 3.4 million lives and approximately $16.5 billion in long-term health care costs.

The main problem, however, is that Africa lacks the resources and infrastructure to scale-up such an ambitious plan. It was against this background that the invention of the PrePex device came to light.

What does being a Tech Awards laureate mean to you?

We are truly honored to be a Tech Awards laureate and to join a prestigious list of inspiring innovators who made a substantial contribution to society. As a company of only 12 employees, it gives us the motivation to work even harder to improve our services to public health, to the community — and to the important global cause of reducing the spread of HIV/AIDS. We have decided that Circ MedTech Ltd. will direct the prize money for circumcision, HIV prevention advocacy and awareness activities undertaken by African governments and communities.

This year marks the 15th annual gala of The Tech Awards, often referred to as the Oscars of Silicon Valley. It will take place Thursday, Nov. 12, 2015, at the San Jose McEnery Convention Center, where 10 laureates, a Global Humanitarian, and a Laureate Impact Award winner will be honored for their work using technology to benefit humanity.

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