Inside Cyber Detectives

Creating the Nation’s First Interactive Exhibit on Cyber Security

When we set out in 2013 to design the country’s first interactive exhibit on cyber security, we went out into the community and found that the topic ranked low on people’s radar. It barely beat out patent law in terms of consumer interest.

Fast-forward to today when our newest exhibit — Cyber Detectives, presented by Palo Alto Networks — has been eagerly received by visitors of all ages and backgrounds who want to learn how to keep themselves and their communities safe online.

Some of the top cyber security professionals in the world advised The Tech exhibits team as we crafted this experience. (My boys thought I was the coolest mom in the world when they learned I had spoken with two FBI agents.) We purposely stayed away from scary stuff, instead packing the exhibit with tools that will leave you feeling empowered with the tools to stay safe online yet lead a rich digital life. Fun games teach you how to detect malware, build healthy networks, create strong passwords, spot scams, crack codes and think creatively about your own digital identity. Then you’ll go on a mission to catch a cyber criminal!

Cyber security is a fascinating and creative field. We hope you’ll see for yourselves that it’s as much about helping people as it is about hardware and software. Kids (or adults!) may walk away with a new career in mind, and employees (or managers) may gain a new appreciation for their IT department.

Please check it out for yourself at The Tech, and stay tuned for news about cyber security events, speakers and enhancements to the exhibit. Even if you can’t come see the exhibit in person, we hope you’ll think a little more about cyber security an the role we play in keeping each other safe online.

Michelle Maranowski, Ph.D. is an Exhibit Developer at The Tech and The Curator of Cyber Detectives.

To learn more about Cyber Detectives, watch this piece from ABC7

“An exhibit at The Tech Museum of Innovation in San Jose gives visitors a kid-friendly look inside the world of cyber security. It’s a hot topic these days, and the museum has designed games to teach all about it.”
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