New Year’s Resolutions for the Innovator in Everyone!

The Tech
The Tech
Dec 21, 2018 · 3 min read

We see people learn and build new things every day at The Tech, and LOVE when they’re inspired to try something beyond our museum doors. This year, skip the same weight loss song- and-dance and let’s innovate those 2019 resolutions!

1. Use a new tool

2. Get to know new scientists and engineers

There’s a whole wide world of inventors approaching things from new and unique perspectives. Follow accounts on Twitter like 500 Queer Scientists. Read a book about Rosalind Franklin or watch “Hidden Figures” featuring NASA computer scientist Kathryn Johnson.

Our friend Caitlin shows off a cookie cutter she made in The Tech Studio.

3. Adopt a “Yes, and…” attitude

4. D-I-Y instead of B-U-Y

5. Do something that scares you

6. Solve more puzzles

7. Work in a team

8. Volunteer with a new community

Make some of these resolutions happen in 2019 and you can ring in 2020 with a Techtastic BANG!

Happy New Year, Innovators!

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