Souktel helps connect jobs with job seekers in developing markets through a mobile app that works on just about any phone and network. Photo courtesy of Advocate Creative.

When Opportunity Calls

Souktel created a platform that connects jobs with job seekers. The revolutionary part? It works nearly anywhere and on any phone.

As an international aid worker, Jacob Korenblum couldn’t help but see what was driving the cycle of poverty in the Middle East. Unemployment was rampant — particularly among young people.

Souktel has turned the basic flip phone into a connection between employers and potential employees. Photo courtesy of Souktel.

“The experience of winning The Tech Awards was amazing. I was able to meet other entrepreneurs from completely different fields who were experiencing similar challenges about growing bigger and reaching out to the communities that they serve through technology. Bouncing ideas off leaders in Silicon Valley and getting their feedback about our business model was critical for us.”

—Jacob Korenblum, president and CEO of SoukTel

A decade later, the innovative startup is reaching more than 500,000 mobile device users in 30 countries around the globe. In addition to jobs, Souktel has expanded to connect people with a wide range of services and emergency aid. In Turkey, it’s ensuring that Syrian refugees get legal advice. In Liberia, Souktel is helping with the post-ebola recovery effort. In Afghanistan, women are put in touch with information about community services.

The Souktel platform uses data compression to transmit information over slow, unreliable networks. Photo courtesy of Advocate Creative.

At a Glance: Souktel

Year of Previous Award: 2010

Our mission is to create problem-solvers locally, nationally and globally.

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