A Day in the Life

By Sarah Good, Marketing Intern @ Grapevine Logic

While researching for summer internships last spring, I stumbled upon TechGen’s website and began looking for a position with a startup. This past summer, I had the opportunity to intern at a startup company in Boston called Grapevine Logic. Grapevine is an influencer marketing platform that connects brands with YouTube and Instagram creators.

Ever wondered what it’s like to work for a startup? I can help give you an idea! Here’s a day in the life as a Grapevine marketing intern:

9:15am: Arrive at the office. Awesome location in the city right by South Station. (Fun fact: Uber used to occupy our office before they outgrew the location!)

9:30am: Sign into our platform. I would answer any questions creators had sent our way throughout the night (we work with creators all over the world!). This usually involved refreshing the statistics of creators so their subscriber count was displayed correctly on their profile.

10am: Work on the current blog post. Topics varied from informing brands why they should be using influencer marketing (it combats ad blocking, influencers are the next big celebrities, etc) to tips for creators on how to utilize our platform efficiently.

11am: Daily Standup. During this time, all 16 members of the company would meet to go over what they accomplished the day before and what was on the to-do list for the rest of the day. It was awesome that everyone in the company was up to speed with all departments.

12pm: Lunch time! Most of the time I packed a lunch, but other days I would hit up the variety of food trucks around the corner.

1pm: Edit the blog post with my boss. This process takes longer than you think — content marketing is huge and everything you post on your blog should be your best work!

3pm: Post the blog. Sometimes I would schedule the post to go out the next morning, or any time we thought would best hit the most viewers.

3:15pm: Schedule out socials. Almost every blog post had to be marketed on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn. I got to learn how to utilize HubSpot for scheduling posts, which means I would formulate all the social posts for the month during this time.

4:00pm: Miscellaneous projects. As an intern, you receive a lot of miscellaneous projects depending on the needs of your boss and coworkers. Any time I wasn’t working on content marketing, I could be ordering more snacks for the office or trying to boost our Twitter and Instagram followers.

5:15pm: End of the day! Arrival and departure time was always flexible at Grapevine, but this was usually around the time I would head home.