4 days in…

I can only imagine what it must feel like to start school and one of the first questions you are asked is

“What are your hopes for this school year?”

Followed up with

“What are your dreams?”

Luckily for the learners at our middle school, they don’t have to imagine, they were asked!

What if…
…our learners spent time this year investing time in their dreams? What might they learn? What might we, the adults, learn?

In other parts of the building our learners were asked about the physical space they are learning in, pondering and sharing how they’d like it to look, feel, and function.

What if…
…we allowed our learners to choose how a classroom looks, feels, and functions?

Our learners were also encouraged to embrace the mistakes we all inevitably encounter while learning.

One of our math teachers shared the experience on her blog


And new traditions were formed, giving students a place to share their voice and leave their mark.

The authors chair:


This is an exciting way to start a school year off, and we are lucky to have a superintendent who not only supports these concepts but reminds us before school even starts…

As always,

Stay tuned, and stay connected.

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