#NaBloMoPo An Exploration of Digital Space part 1

For years I have wanted to develop my own webpage, not just a blog, that brings together all of the facets of all of my thoughts and wonderings, as well as provide a useful tool for those looking to find more resources, connect with other who are like minded, or some other third things that I has not presented itself to me just yet. Truth is I spend more time helping others achieve this that I rarely take the time for myself.

I thought it might be fun to explore this space through my blog and share my work with a wider audience in hopes of getting to that “rough draft” stage of a website by the end of November.

The plan: Spend time once a week working on developing the web page and reflecting on it via my blog throughout NaBloPoMo.

Let us start at the beginning.

When developing an idea, I always steer people away from trying to determine what tool they want to use first. The reason for this is by starting with a tool you limit yourself to what the tool is capable fo doing. Instead I encourage them to first think of the purpose or goal.

My goal: A single place to share my passion of the transformation of learning, sharing technology and tech news (often relevant to the educational landscape), and create a resource bank that leverages technology to make more time available to improve learning opportunities.

After a person can share with me the goal of their idea, I then encourage them to map it out, on a piece of paper, a white board, or whatever their preferred medium might be (sometimes it is a napkin, just as Jason Heisserer)

Map: I have several drawings that I have been developing and each time I settle on one and move to the next step, I find myself dreaming up another design. So for now I am leap frogging this step as I know how I want it to look, but I also know that I will need a tool that is as flexible as my imagination.

We have our goal, we have vision, now, let’s look at what tools we have available to make this drawing a reality.

Tool: I have been looking at several tools for many year now. It started with Google Sites back in the day, and since moved on to Wix and Weebly.

While I am most familiar with Wix, as that is the tool the #HxTech kids chose to use for creating their “HixsonHub” site, I have discovered this about myself:

“The tool I use HAS to be mobile friendly.”

I spend most of my day traveling from one room to the next or ping ponging back and forth in the Tech Center. I use my phone for EVERYTHING (thank goodness for the Google suite of apps). So I need a tool that will give me the most options to manage and develop a site while on the move.

Enter Weebly.

Weebly has been around for sometime. I created one when it was first available and thought it was a huge improvement to Google Sites which was a commonly used free site creator at the time (circa 2007)

Why Weebly?

  1. At the moment their mobile app is PHENOMENAL. A full range of tools available to make changes to your website on the fly.
  2. I just recently started using it thanks to @CreathsClass, as she created our WGSDChat website using Weebly, which I help manage, and in managing I have learned it’s interface pretty well.
  3. It’s a challenge. I enjoy trying new things, stepping outside of my comfort zone and seeing what I can create
  4. Weebly offers up a healthy range of data on use and visits to your site.

I will stop my reflection here and spend some time working in the space in hopes of having something to reflect on next week.

Until then,

Stay tuned and stay connected.