The strength in being vulnerable…

This weekend one of the English Language Arts teachers at my school created and wrote a blog post

Like watching our art teacher paint, or listening to our choir teacher sing, this was something moving…

The words of an English teacher.

It got me wondering

How much time do we invest in getting to truly know our kids? And how many of our kids feel this way at times or all the time?
How might we all allow ourselves to be a bit vulnerable this year, and how might that positively effect our learners and our learning?

This year our school is looking to offer time every month starting second semester to allow for a school wide exploration of individuals interests. Doing this, I am certain, will be different, scary, and uncomfortable for some, but by opening up, sharing and listening to one another we will find strength, success, and something new.

My lingering wondering after reading her post:

How can we cultivate this openness amongst our teachers to help guide them into creating more democratic and authentic learning opportunities for our students this year?

As always,

Stay tuned, and stay connected.

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