Making this video was a lot of fun because first off I think I am one of the first people to realize that you can level your Operator AMP relatively quickly through normal means on Sedna. It became one of those “Oh I know something great and I need to tell everyone right now” kind of situations. Also, I didn’t really go into too much depth in the video on how I actually discovered that you can level your Operator AMP outside of the Plain of Eidolon. It really took me a while between first seeing the weapon in the “customize tenno” section then later fooling around on Neptune. After putting 2-and-2 together I was able to realize that maybe I could get a serious power boost from leveling my weapon early and finally stand a chance against one of the Teralyst on the Plains. Luckily though I had some saved video of me customizing my tenno so I could quickly shatter my dreams of gaining new found power in a shiny new MAX level AMP. All is well though and hopefully they already implemented a reason for the levels or possibly have something new in store in the near future. Thanks for taking the time and have a great week!

Kindest Regards,