Warframe | Astilla

This video is a build for the Astilla — the newest weapon added to Warframe along with the Plains of Eidolon patch. This is a shotgun, but is unique in that it doesn’t fire like a traditional shotgun. The Astilla fires slugs that shatter dealing an explosion of glass damage to all enemies near the impact and damaging the initial target twice. While the range of this weapon is more substantial than traditional shotguns it lacks the burst damage and damage per round that most other shotguns boast. As long as teams are capable of finding a wealth of ammunition or using Vacuum on a Carrier can make using this high rate of fire shotgun more than viable. This weapon has a large capacity magazine, high fire rate, and explosive rounds making it ideal for clearing out packed hallways. While this weapon may not be as impactful as its shotgun brethren per round fired it is a ton of fun to use and is especially great in its own niche. Overall this weapon is cheap to make and a blast to use in nearly any content I encountered. I would highly recommend this weapon to any player new or old for a change of pace from the modern day shotgun archetype. To see more content from me be sure to check me out @TheTeknoTiger on Twitter, Youtube, Snapchat, and Instagram. Thanks for taking a read here and enjoy the content!