Warframe | Baro Ki’Teer

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Baro Ki’ Teer

Hey everyone hows it going TeknoTiger here and I hope youre doing well. Today i’ll be bringing you guys another 
warframe guide and this time it’s going to be on the illusive Void Trader Baro Ki’ Teer. Since the Plains of Eidolon 
patch theres a lot of new players that don’t know who this vendor is or why they should care. In this guide I’ll be 
giving you guys a profile of Baro so you know who he is, a few of the wares you can expect him to be selling, 
and how to get more of his exclusive currency to buy his wares. Without further or do lets jump into the guide…

First off i’m briefly going to go over who Baro Ki’ Teer is and where you can usually find him. So Baro is one of the
rarest vendors because he only comes to the solar system once every two weeks. When he enters the system you’ll find a 
message in your inbox reminding you he’s here, but only staying for two days. During those two days you can find him
at one of the many relays in the system. It changes from time to time, but luckily they added a symbol so that you can 
identitfy which relay he is currently a resident at with a quick glance. When you make it to the relay expect some lag as
there is usually a large amount of players that been anticipating his visit. After you wade through the packs of teeno
you’ll find Baro at the right pillar in the middle atrium — along with a few kiosks to sell items to. Baro Ki’ Teer like I
said is a rare vendor that brings exclusive items from the void that can only be bought from him and changes each 
time he visits. With that in mind you can expect the demand for these rare wares to be much higher than most other
items you will normally find. Now, we’ll go over what he usually has for sale as well as what he is currently stocking 
and if those items are any good.

Baro tends to hold himself and his wares in the highest regard — only selling the best mods, weapons, and armor. You can 
usually find that he sells a set of mods following a general theme, maybe a couple weapons, a few assorted armor pieces
a syandana or two and something for your pet. While its hard to say he’ll have all these things — this is a list of items I 
found he usually likes to carry. Now we’ll look at his current wares and see what he has to offer. Baro sells the highly 
coveted Primed mods and this time around that’s no different. Primed Heated Charge is one of the best and most used 
pistol mods even to this day. As for the other mods they are following a slash theme and I would recommend picking up
atleast one of each with Sweeping Serrations being the best take away aside from the primed mod. Besides the mods he’s
also selling a few okay weapons that should be picked up if not to use then at least for mastery sake. Lastly he is 
stocking a few cosmetic pieces for your tenno, warframe, and pet which you can decide if it’s worth it for yourself. 
Overall Baro brought a good set of wares this time with Primed Heated Charge being the best pick up by far. With all of the
wares out of the way I’m sure you noticed they cost a different than usual currency. These are called ducats and in this 
last parts I’ll go over how to obtain them and what I found to be the best way to farm this currency.

Here I’ll go over everything you need to know about getting your hands on some ducats to pick up all those really nice
items we just saw. Next to baro and in every relay there are kiosks on the bridge of this atrium. At these kiosks you can 
sell primed parts and blueprints obtained through opening relics that you can get a number of ways. Primarily you can
get relics via defense, extraction, and interception missions, with bounties being the newest way to aquire relics. Once
you have a few relics you can look up void fissure missions to open these relics and have a chance at the rare goods 
insaide. These are the rare goods that you sell to kiosks for Baro’s currency, Ducats. I’ve found the best way to farm this 
currency is by stocking up on one type of relic — for example all lith or all meso. Once you have quite a few do as many
fast relic missions that you can such as capture or exterminate and choosing the rarest relic item found that isn’t forma.
The rarer the item the more ducats it is generally sold for. This is fastest way to stock up on Ducats and you can expect
to find plenty of groups of tenno doing a similar farming method. That is all for this guide and I hope I explained how
this illusive trader works in an easy to understand way. If you enjoyed this video and it helped you out feel free to leave a 
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