Warframe | Plague Star Event Guide

Hey everyone how’s it going? Tekno Tiger here and I hope you’re doing well! Today I’ll be bringing you guys guide on the newest event in Warframe the Plague Star event. This event is only going to be up for the rest of the weekend so I suggest getting to Cetus to farm up some items before it’s over. First off, I wanted to apologize for making this video so late and not putting up much content recently as I have been busy with the upcoming holidays and hope you all understand. With that out of the way, in this guide I will be telling you guys exactly what the event is, how to participate in the event and also showing you all of the rewards that you can get during this event. Now lets jump into the guide.

You will be prompted that Konzu needs your help taking care of some infested in the Plains of Eidolon. Before you go to Cetus you can look at a step by step description of the mission itself via the event tab that tells you what you can expect to do during the bounty. Head over to Konzu to talk to him about bounties and you should find the Plague Star bounty at the very top. This mission is not scaled like the other bounties, but its difficulty is changed via the mixing portion of the bounty. The mission rewards do not change like all of the other bounties and you also get a ton standing from finishing the bounty. The new standing can be spent only at the new Event only standing vendor found in Cetus.

Once you accept the bounty and run into the Plains of Eidolon there is 4 parts to the bounty. These parts are unchanging and are always in the same spot with the same direction for the mission. The first being a retrieve mission in order to pick up the toxin from a cave controlled by Vay Hek. The second part is one of the more important as it dictates how difficult the mission will be and what possible rewards you can get. By adding Infested Catalyst (obtained through dojo research) more enemies will spawn in part 4 and by adding Eidolon Phylaxis (obtained from Event standing vendor for 2000 standing) a large boss will spawn during part 4. You can add up to four of each of these items indicated on the left of the screen during mixing and this will increase the amount of mobs spawned during phase 4 as well as increase the newly spawned mobs level. This will make the mission more difficult, but only some of the more valuable items (mainly mods from boss drops) will drop from the more difficult mission. You will need to equip these items into your gear wheel after researching it while you’re in Cetus or your ship and then can simply be used by clicking on them during the mixing phase of the bounty. I found that large AoE Warframes such as Ember and Mesa worked well for the majority of the mission. I also like using the Opticor, Tigris, Soma, and Embers 3rd ability to down the large boss.

Once you are able to take down the boss and all of the infested you can spend your newly acquired Event standing at the temporary vendor. Hakak is the temporary Event standing vendor and is normally the mask vendor in Cetus. Once you speak to him make sure to purchase the Eidolon Phylaxis blueprint if getting the Event exclusive set mods from the infested boss. If you already have that or the mods then take a look at a couple of the rare materials he sells which can be extremely useful for crafting Amps and Zaw weapons. The Zaw handles and the mods can be a great start for making a Zaw weapon of your own if you haven’t got a chance to start that process yet. The rewards from the bounty itself seem to stay constant so if you are looking to farm some extra Kuva, Naramon Lenses, or a couple of set mods I would suggest doing the bounty at least a couple of times to test your luck. Overall I thought that this was a great little event and the rewards were fun with the addition of the Event only standing vendor. I think that this is a popular event and wouldn’t be surprised if it made a regular appearance similar to the Fomorian Events. If you happened to miss this event luckily there aren’t any must have exclusive items that drop and like I said I am sure it will come back for another couple weeks in 2018. I hope you all enjoyed the content and if you did make sure to leave a like, favorite, subscribe and check back for more just like it. I hope you enjoyed and have a great weekend!