Land for Beer, Farmer-Herder Feuds, and Land Rights Film series

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Indigenous land rights on film

Encroachment on indigenous peoples’ territory is a growing trend driven by the global land rush and the hunt for natural resources like Coltan and exotic hardwoods. A new ten-part film series produced by LifeMosaic, a Scottish NGO, chronicles the stories of indigenous peoples who are fighting to preserve their land and livelihoods.

South Africa passes land grab bill

The South African parliament took another step toward passing an ANC-sponsored land appropriation bill that will enable the government to redress racial disparities in land ownership. New Zimbabwe reports, the state can acquire land without the owners’ consent by paying an amount determined by the office of the Valuer-General. Opposition parties and farming groups criticized the bill.

Herdsman and Farmers Feud Turns Violent

In Nigeria’s Taraba State Fulani herdsman invaded two farming villages. The attackers killed seven villagers and fled, evading capture. Villager leaders are appealing to the governor to intervene to prevent more violence.

Free land for brewpub

A property owner in Sandy, Oregon hopes to attract the kind of hip anchor-business that will spur greater growth for his town’s economy. Land owner Mark Benson is advertising with a sign that reads, “Free Land for Brewpub” and is prepared to giveaway his 8-acre parcel to the right type of business.

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