Have you ever encountered a real chicken?

If you have, then you know that they are terrifying.

No, I’m not talking about battery chickens that start and finish out their lives in little cages, cramped and unable to even stretch their wings. Those are to real chickens what a plastic refill pen is to a Montblanc.

A real chicken is descended from a line of predatory omnivores, and has had the space to run free. They hunt, and they’re territorial, and their tiny little beaks are sharp as fuck. And if you’ve ever had the misfortune of looking into the eyes of one such creature, then you know that there’s NOTHING there. It’s a blank and pitiless stare that will repel you with it’s oscillating emptiness, and lack of anything approaching human intelligence.

Which is not to say that they aren’t smart. They are descended from dinosaurs after all, and they are good at what they are programmed to do — the three Fs: feeding, fighting and.. er.. fornication.

Now, take a look at this close-up of a rooster’s eye, and tell me which world leader it reminds you of.

An orange-haired, unnatural-skinned world leader who seems interested in just those three Fs, perhaps?

(Pic by the extremely talented Hariharan Subrahmanian.)