Originally posted on 10/04/2017

Recently I did a 99 second talk at TestBash in Brighton in which I compared golf to testing:

Now I know golf is a rather dull subject to many people who may have never played it so I’ll try not to bore you all too much. ;)

The thing with golf as anyone who has ever watched it on TV knows is that you only ever need a single golf club to play golf at the highest level; Rory McIlroy, Sergio Garcia, Seve Ballasteros, Tiger Woods etc only ever used one club!

Originally Posted: 31/07/2016

On Wednesday of last week the Software Testing Clinic held yet another excellent event in London; this time at the Thoughtworks offices in the West End (I love your London office space Thoughtworks!) and the topic this month was Exploratory Testing.

During the clinic there was a lot of discussion as you’d imagine from a room of extremely intelligent and passionate testers and on one subject I made a comment along the lines of:

I think there’s a difference between an assumption and a bias — a bias is always negative and an assumption mainly positive


Hi folks; I have a question for you…

At any point in your testing career have you ever asked yourself questions like:

“Why do I bother?” (lack of progress)

“Maybe this isn’t the role for me and I need to move on” (not feeling integral to your team)

“You think I can do x well enough to do a talk on it, but I’m not really sure” (Imposter syndrome)

In those types of circumstance, I’ve found that a short “pep talk” from family or friends helps to shift that negative feeling away somewhat, but often those talks have no specific…


Knowledgeable and skilled Technical Tester with 15 years' experience testing software, websites and apps using agile, Agile (not the same thing) and Waterfall.

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