I started off a year ago thinking, “Bernie’s okay, maybe a little too strident”.
Charles Erickson

Actually, he has a better chance of winning the general than Mrs. Clinton, according to early-stage polling. He has better support among the young, and he doesn’t have to have funds like the “Hillary Victory Fund” or break campaigning laws in Massachusetts to be within 2% of the frontrunner, nationally.

Mrs. Clinton is emblematic of the failings of the Democratic Party- face it, the modern Democratic and Republican Parties, on their current trajectory, are going the way of the Whig Party. She claims to be against the people she is funded by. She calls for the reforms of industries she has a major part is. Any position she’s ever had, she’s flopped on for the highest bidder.

If Mr. Sanders is a liar, Mrs. Clinton is a clearly a con woman. Her flops on every position show that she only goes with what is politically convenient. An “egomaniac” is one who runs a primary campaign like a coronation, not her challenger who runs a primary campaign.

The only “dream” the democrats have is that Mrs. Clinton will be a good president. Any look at any political office she’s been nominated or elected to show that she won’t be.

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