Continuing the Fight

Today is a disheartening day for the supporters of Bernie Sanders. Hillary Clinton has won the contests in Florida, North Carolina, and Ohio. There is but one response to that news: continue the fight.

This is a fight that transcends race, gender, and age. This is a fight not between two candidates, but the fate of the free world. Today, we fight not for candidates, but for ideals. Ideals that will either keep us on the path of corruption, of SuperPAC contributions, of dishonesty, of influence from the Wall Street political machine; or ideals of justice, equal healthcare, an easing of racial disparities, and a better America. That fight is the fight for change.

Change does not occur overnight- change occurs over time, with the support of the youngest to the oldest. I know Sanders’s supporters: a coalition of every race, every gender, every political ideology, every sexuality, every age. They will not give up without giving their best fight. They will not allow the corruption of Hillary Clinton into the highest office of the land. This is the change that happening right now, the change millions across this country are clamoring for.

These changes are simple: a demand for honesty, equality, and justice. Given the state of our political system, this seems like a demand for a utopia. However, these are the same ideals expressed in the words, “We hold these truths to be self evident, that all men are created equal.” These are not new concepts, but they seem radical and impossible because we have been accustomed to the corruption that infects our system like a virus.

“It always seems impossible until it is done”

The greatest political upsets are the ones that are not expected. Sanders faces the toughest challenges: corruption on every level of the DNC, vote-blocking by a previous president, and a dishonest opponent. But corruption cannot stand in the face of civic participation. It breaks and crumbles under the gaze of honest men and women wanting the best for their country.

The great anti-apartheid leader Nelson Mandela once said “It always seems impossible until it is done”. Sanders has pulled off some of the greatest upsets since the 1980s. He’s outdone expectations throughout this race, and with your help, he will continue to do so.

Fight for yourself! We can not survive crushing student debt and expensive health care. Fight for your children! Only one candidate on that stage has had a consistent voice representing the people. What happened to Eric Garner could happen to your child, and Sanders is the only person to stop it. Fight for the future! Tell the world that the democratic electorate won’t allow a candidate that blocks votes and brings nothing but corruption to the highest office in the land.

Fight for yourself. Fight for the United States. Fight for this candidacy.

Most importantly: continue the fight.