It amazes me that some of his supporters claim he should be the candidate because he would have…
Anastasia Pantsios

News flash, Mrs. Pantsios: every party is corrupt. Your candidate represents the worst of the party- hypocritical and failing to have solid policy positions.

Maybe the Democratic Party, in fact both major political parties, need to understand they are out of touch with the modern voter. That the values that the average voter holds dear is not what they are representing. That behind every vote is a voter, not a SuperPAC.

So go ahead and talk about the lack of coattails. Meanwhile, Mr. Canova is receiving massive support to replace Mrs. Schultz from her position, Mr. Law is receiving massive support to replace Mr. Norcross from his position, Mrs. Jayapal may replace the retiring Mr. McDermott from his position, Mrs. Flores is challenging the Republican Mr. Hardy from his position, and Mrs. Teachout may replace the Republican Mr. Gibson from his position.

I would very much argue that it is the respectability of your candidate lying in the gutter. 57–60% of the United States believes that Mrs. Clinton is not “honest and trustworthy”, based on multiple polls. Shame that you mistook it for Mr. Sanders’s coattails.

As for those coattails “lying shredded in the gutter”, they’re currently helping those 5 insurgent candidates receive support to change multiple congressional offices, some of which are Republican.

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