This nation cannot choose Hillary Clinton.

This election is determining the future of our country.

No matter the result of the primaries of either party, no matter who is independent, no matter who wins or loses, there is one thing that cannot happen. This country cannot vote for Mrs. Clinton.

It is a matter of the future of our democracy. Whether we will stand for the very principles carved into this nation’s Constitution, or whether we will continue our path of corruption. Whether a nation may live or die, whether those principles may continue or be forgotten, whether a person may survive or perish, is the result of this election.

We cannot disrespect this office, this election season.

We can never let a criminal into our White House. We cannot stand as a fair and just nation, if our leaders are the very opposite. Corruption is attractive, but it has and never will stand as the foundation of our government. The principles and the foundation of our government are simple: life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

Can we stand with a leader whose views can change from the highest bidder? Can we trust a leader calling for the reform of industries they are deeply involved with? Is it possible to have a leader that lacks convictions?

The answers to these questions are simple: no. Why is it appropriate to say “yes” to these questions when Mrs. Clinton is involved? Can we stand with Mrs. Clinton, whose views can change from the highest bidder? Can we trust Mrs. Clinton calling for the reform of industries she is deeply involved with? Is it possible to have Mrs. Clinton as a leader, when she lacks convictions?

Mrs. Clinton is not the only corrupt candidate running this season. She is, however, very obviously guilty. From money laundering through the Hillary Victory Fund, to blocking votes in Arizona and Massachusetts, or misrepresenting facts, it is clear to see her corruption. Her corruption is a stain on every office she has ever held: as First Lady, as Secretary of State, as Senator of New York, and any other office she will touch and has ever touched.

We may never know the results of every Democratic Primary. We may never know what Mrs. Clinton’s real convictions are. We do not know whether she will make an exceptionally poor president, but we do know she would make a corrupt and horrible president.

It is a time for choosing, America. Can we, the people, choose the path of racism, of greed, of corruption, of hypocrisy, of fear, or of the degradation of the foundation of government?

We cannot. We cannot choose Mrs. Clinton. All people, of all races, creeds, sexuality, genders, and colors, must stand up to racism, to greed, to corruption, to hypocrisy, to fear, to the degradation of our principles and say, “no”.

No. We cannot choose Mrs. Clinton for the presidency.