A Forever Love Pt. 2

You ever felt like you've known a person for a lifetime but you haven't spoken a word yet? Well, I would have thought only a crazy person would say something like this but, Lord when he smiled at me...It was like looking into my future and knowing he'd always be there. Like looking into my past and seeing him. Like knowing that this was "the dude". So he runs his game and we chat. I'm trying to play "not interested" but the stupid grin on my face is betraying me. He eventually asks for my phone number and mysteriously pulls out a scratch piece of paper and pen. I write a random number (maybe like 777-9311) and give it back thinking he will just leave me alone. But there is something about this kid. I just can't figure it out. So we sit for a while longer and chat and I really start to like this guy. Not what I'm used to at all and besides he doesn't know me or my family...which is another advantage.

So, I start to feel guilty. I know I gave him the wrong number but I really would like to know him. But how the hell do I get the paper back and change the number without sounding like a bitch for giving him the wrong number the first time? I make up some stupid excuse and he grins while giving me the paper back. He knows...but, whatever. So I change the number quickly and give it back to him.

My girl and I eventually leave the skating rink and I'm going back and forth in my head as to if I really want him to call me or not. Our ride gets here and we are off. She gets dropped off and I never even tell her about him. I don't want to talk about him if he's not real. Everybody knows that meeting a guy in the skating rink is like meeting a guy in the club...it always ends bad. So I keep my secret to myself.

When I get home, I’m going through the motions getting ready for school tomorrow. Getting my Polo shirt and Guess jeans starched and ironed. Cleaning off my Air Max and wrapping my hair. In the midst of tying my scarf, the phone rings. I don’t bother going for it because I just KNOW it’s not for me. Who would be bold enough to call my house THIS time of night. After enough rings to tell me that my mom was asleep, I dove across my bed to get the phone. And so it began…

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