poems in steps


“Have you ever
felt the cold
so deep you
no longer
can tell if
your skin is being
ripped off or if
there is something
cutting through your

I remember kneeling,
grabbing the toilet.
I remember the spinning
in my head,
as if I had been
put into a washing machine.
The starry blackness
fast fordward infinity
when I closed my

And the sensation
of having walked
too far from
the line
that I could no
longer reach it.
My heart went silent but
my mouth spoke red water.

All that, I remember
and the last thought of
not wanting it
to be the last thought.

The party seemed
over when I opened
my eyes.
Another turning
of the Sun,
but not mine.
I wonder how many
tics and tacs did the
clock sing before
someone realized.”