The iTrail® GPS Logger By SleuthGear

A GPS unit can be a valuable piece of spy gear used to protect what’s important to you. Parents can use a GPS logger to track your younger child’s whereabouts by placing the unit in their backpack

or keep tabs on their new teenage drivers. (Teenagers are always truthful when asked where they went last night). Businesses use GPS loggers to track delivery drivers and company vehicles and a GPS logger can also be used to track movements of criminals by police agencies. Whatever the reason, the iTrail® GPS Logger by SleuthGear comes highly recommended as one of the best.

Measuring at only1.5” x 1.5” in size, this small but powerful unit will record time, speed and location displaying the information on an easy-to-use interface powered by Google Maps.

For covert tracking, you can use the secure iTrail® magnetic mount to place the GPS underneath a vehicle.

Simply place the tiny iTrail® unit under the car, set the motion detection feature to conserve the batteries life and covertly record up to 120 hours of data without anyone knowing they are being monitored. Spy gear at its best.

Setting up the iTrail® GPS Logger and data retrieval can be done in these 5 simple steps:

Step 1: Install driver by downloading the software from the Download link (HERE) or by installing from the CD included with the iTrail GPS Tracker. (Be sure to review the Read Me files included with download.)

Step 2: plug the iTrail into your computer using the included USB cable. (The USB port used during setup should be the same port used when retrieving info.

Step 3: Activate your iTrail by typing the activation codes found on the software sleeve into the automatic prompt.

Step 4: After software installation and unit activation, charge your iTrail for 4 hours. iTrail will be ready when the red LED light turns off.

Step 5: retrieve data by reconnecting the iTrail to the same USB port. Launch the iTrail software to review recorded trips

That’s it; you are now up and running tracking all activity. The iTrail® GPS Logger By SleuthGear is an easy to use piece of spy gear to protect what’s important to you!

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Originally published at on May 12, 2015.