Every morning, I get on the train to go to work. I get on, ride about 15 minutes, and get off at the very next station. The train is usually full when I get on because my home station is the last one before the city.

Every morning, I browse…

Can I ask for some advice? My son is 4, and it’s hard for me to choose to do school work which will always be there, over just spending time with him which you never get back. It’s the biggest stressor in my life.

First off I think you should give yourself some credit:

You’re doing two incredible, and incredibly…

There’s an old saying:

The more I look around, the more I realize that very few people reach success in a big, shining moment of good fortune. They don’t win the lottery. They don’t have a flash of genius. They don’t get discovered. …

Yes, I know today is August 23. Fall classes start in just 4 days, and I’m prepping for the first day. I plan on asking my students one question:

“Why are you here?”

Take a second and look at a picture of the Earth. You could be anywhere on it, yet you are where…

Listen carefully to most political arguments and you’ll hear two trains of thought intertwined: “what could be” and “what should be.” When we confuse them, these two angles can suck us into a vortex. When we keep them clear — that’s the foundation of intentional living.

“I did it on purpose”

I am obsessed with…

For the past year, I’ve been teaching an experimental freshmen course. When I say “experimental,” I mean it in every way: the subject matter, delivery methods, and course structure.

One of the big goals was developing a course that is better because it is large, not in spite of it…

Tony Ferrar

Learner. Educator. Present-minded Professor. Founder of Intentional Academy. Find out more at www.tonyferrar.com/

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