Coming Soon: The Intentional Academy. Reimagined.

The number one request I get from my students is to show more examples in class. I get caught up in talking about theories — because they make sense to me. The reason they make sense? I’ve seen countless examples and then applied the concepts myself.

The Intentional Academy came into being in much the same way.

I had some issues in my life. I learned the theories and mindsets to fix them. Then I got to work. But I was supported by real people sharing real examples along the way. I rarely went back to study the theory — but I consumed hours upon hours of story-filled content to keep me going.

It’s time to bring the theory of Intentional Learning to life.

Over the next few weeks you’re going to see big changes to our content and our format. We’re going to focus on what it’s really like to live and learn according to the Intentional Learner’s Manifesto (repeated at the end of this post for your convenience). We’re going to shift from one-way speeches to conversations. We’re going to focus on answering your questions. And we’re going to share stories of real people who are implementing these ideas day in and day out.

In the meanwhile, we’d like to invite you to play a role in building this community. Consider sharing this with someone who needs it. Leave a comment. Ask a question and we’ll answer it.

Have a great day!

An Intentional Learner’s Manifesto

I am an Intentional Learner.

I see a gap between what I learn in school and what I need to succeed.

I don’t wait for the system to fix itself, I leverage its strengths and overcome its weaknesses.

I believe that my life is my fault.

I may have started from a different point than everyone else. My path may be easier or harder than everyone else’s. But I will not let my past dictate my future. I have the power to act and succeed, or to do nothing and fail.

I own my time and my money.

I realize that both are finite and I decide how I spend them. I do not allow either to limit my future.

I learn to add incredible value, not to make grades.

I add value by meeting people’s needs. My grades are a reflection of my performance, not the reason for it.

I affirm that my ability to breathe does not entitle me to an income.

My ability to create something that changes a person’s life leads to payment proportional to the impact. I am not paid by the hour, I am paid by the outcome.

I may not know my dream yet, but I know where my current path leads.

I am not burying my head in the sand, hoping that if I follow the herd good things will happen. I embrace the future I see for myself, but I hold it loosely. I am in the business of opening doors.

I know that I will perform as I practice, and so I practice well.

I am not waiting for certification. My results are my certification.

This is my time. This is my money. This is my career. I am an Intentional Learner.