How to Beat Procrastination Once and for All

Procrastination. The enemy of productivity. The true opposite of time managment. Anyone can manage their time in theory. We all know how to do it. Most of the time, we know exactly what we should be working on.

But then we don’t. And it always looks the same: something comes in as a distraction, and we follow it.

Maybe it’s a notification that grabs our attention. Maybe it’s just a wandering thought. How many times have you worked yourself up, finally sat down to do the “big thing,” and then remembered something trivial that you just absolutely had to do.

“Oh no, I forgot to pay the power bill.”

What follows is always the same. You can’t find your checkbook, so you decide to try paying online. That requires a password, but you forgot yours. You go though the “forgot password” process only to discover you don’t remember the answer to your security question. Now you’re on the phone listening to a repeating message about “how valuable your call is to us,” while you wait for support. You get through to someone only to discover your card is expired…

That 30-second task takes way longer than we thought it would, and we never get back to the “big thing.”

Here’s the deal: your brain hates stress.

It will, subconsciously, do anything it can to avoid it. Even distract you with smalll tasks that it knows you can actually win in a single session.

So it’s trick is actually your solution: stop trying to change the world with some big project.

Just make a little step and let the momentum that comes from actually starting carry you.

I had no idea what to write about today. I could have done the dishes and cleaned out my inbox and a million other things to put it off. Instead, I scrolled through my notes and saw the word “procrastination.” Then I asked myself a question: “since I’m trying to write about time managment this week, how does procrastination play in?”

I wrote a sentence. Then I wrote another. Now I’m trying to wrap up before this thing gets too long. The point is to take baby steps.

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